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Linz and Leipzig!


I slept the whole way from Vienna to Linz and woke up just as the car was pulling into the venue. One of the first things we saw when we arrived at the venue, Posthof, was this very large – and by large I mean HUGE poster of our faces! It took up almost the whole size of the side of the building.


The venue had used our faces on the music listings poster for May/June, the more we explored the venue it turned out that almost every time we turned around we would see this poster. There was even one in the bedroom that Kirsty and I were staying in that night.


It’s a shame we never got a poster to keep, I always try and get a poster from each show we play to keep as a souvenier but these ones were all framed so I never managed to get one.

We were playing with 2 other bands that night, Francis International Airport and Nowhere Train. We were all staying in accomodation at the venue so after what was a really fun night of watching the other bands and playing the gig we all got together in the green room upstairs from the venue. Someone got a guitar out and Scott was playing all the big hits while the guys from Nowhere Train sang with him – Kirsty and I sat listening and enjoying them all – we couldn’t stop smiling! Their voices were amazing – the sort of voices that make you never want to sing again because you know you’ll never be as good as them! haha! We did do a bit of singing that night though! I have some great videos of everyone playing and singing together which I’ll need to upload somewhere. That night was definitely one of my favourite nights we’ve ever had on tour.

After a pretty late night we had a very long drive to Leipzig – hungover and very tired! We got there with plenty of time to spare – we weren’t on stage until 11.30pm so we made the most of the sunshine and sat outside the venue, had another few drinks (to cure the hangovers) and had one of the best dinners we’ve had on tour. We also watched the whole of the Eurovision song contest – one of our more rock and roll days that one! The venue was called Isles Erika, there was a club/venue downstairs and a cinema upstairs so we couldn’t soundcheck or play the gig until the cinema was closed. It was a really interesting place, the owners were great and created a really nice atmosphere for the night, it was a lovely relaxed last night of tour.

From now on I’ll be blogging as we tour – trying to remember everything afterwards has been tricky! Next stop on our touring schedule is Paris on the 4th of July!

oh Vienna


We had an instore performance at 5pm in Vienna and the drive from Budapest to Vienna was just over 2 hours so we had plenty of time to get there, check into our hotel, drop off all our gear at the venue and get to the record store. Or so we thought…

The hotel and the venue were on the same street so we thought it would be a simple task to drop off all the gear at the venue after we checked in, unfortunately, Barbara, our sat nav, had other plans for us that day. The venue was in one of the arches under the railway, Barbara had no idea how to get there, we were running late after driving around in circles for a while so our plan changed – straight to the record store for the instore performance!

We met up with Tom, one of our bookers, outside the shop. It was called Recordbag,  he took us in to meet the owners. We were taken to the back to tune up and get ready. We played 4 songs, Moondogs, 3 Little Birds, Freeman Town and Sophomore to a small but very friendly crowd. I get stupidly nervous about these sort of things usually, for some reason if there is a microphone in front of me I don’t get nervous but take it away and I’m a ball of nerves! That day however, the atmosphere was pretty relaxed so no nerves!


Just at the front of the shop there was a whole stand filled with band tshirts for babies and kids, all very cute, Kirsty was  ready to buy one for her niece but Sylvia, the shop owner, gave it to her as a gift! Can’t wait to see little Eilidh wearing it! How cute!!!!

im with the band

After the instore we had to try and find our way to the venue, which would have been another disaster had we not had Tom with us! He got us there with no trouble at all, if only he had been with us at the start of the day! The venue we were playing was called Chelsea, it really reminded me of  The Green Door Store in Brighton. The soundcheck was really quick and easy, just the way we like it! We had a photoshoot to do afterwards with The Gap magazine which again was really quick and easy – just the way we like it!

We all love Vienna, I think it has a lot to do with the fact that the very first time we went we had a good few days to see a bit of the city and get a feel for the place. There’s a really nice relaxed atmosphere when you are walking around. We went for Vietnamese food that night and I had a chilli challenge of my own, completely by accident, chilli oil is not my friend!

We were the only band playing that night, I really enjoyed the gig, another friendly crowd! The last few times we’ve been in Vienna we’ve played in a museum so this gig was something a bit different, we’re very lucky to get to play so many different kinds of venues. Boats, clubs, museums, fields, concert halls – you name it – Haight-Ashbury have probably gigged it! We enjoyed a good few drinks with our Vienna friends Tom, Klaus and Nadine that night!

We were up early-ish the next morning because it was so very very warm in our hotel room! I was up first and went down for breakfast, there was another band in the breakfast room and once Kirsty and Scott came down we all got chatting. They were called Dark Dark Dark and had played the night before in another venue, we got chatting about Glasgow because they had played there last year. Their gig got cancelled last minute and our friend Craig who books bands at King Tuts helped them out and saved the day by getting them in to play in the bar at tuts. Small world and as soon as they mentioned that their gig had been cancelled I remembered the story.

vienna car

ready to pack the car to head to Linz!