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  1. Hello there Jennifer. Just to let you know that I left a package with a guy called Scott Blackwood for him to pass it on to you, that was last Monday I dropped it off to him and was wondering if you had got it yet. Hope so Cheers Ben 🙂

    • Hi Ben, he sent us a message yesterday to tell us he had a package for us, he’s going to drop it off to us, I’ll let you know when we get it. Thank you so much for doing that! x

  2. Hi there Jennifer I hope that you got your Package ok..

    I’m in the South of France at the moment at a monestry called Nalanda.


    It’s near a place called St Sulpice

    I see you will be passing by in the area on the 6th and just thought to invite you to pop in..

    Why not?

    Cheers for now enjoy yer Travels down.

    The Sun’s Shining bright down here at the moment. 🙂

    • Hi Ben, we haven’t got it yet, we’ve not managed to meet up with Scott to get it but I’m going to arrange to meet him when we get home. I just had a look at the link for the monastery, I’m not sure we’ll have time to pop in this time I’m afraid but thank you!As soon as we get the package I’ll let you know and thank you again for thinking of us! x

  3. Hello there Jenifer its been a year since I was inviting you to Swing By the monastery in France and a lot has happened in a year for yourselves and for me. We all got our life journeys and its always beautiful to watch the magic of others grow as we do too. The 6th of July is actually Quite a specific date in the Buddhist Calendar as it is the birthday of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.
    On this particular day last year we were having a ceremony at the monastery where we released animals around a stupa and the motivation behind this is to help these particular animal have a precious human rebirth, SO during that ceremony I thought as you and your Band were passing it would be nice for us to make this connection. The freeing of Imprisoned Beings.

    This time of year comes passing by again and this time there is another cause, it is to help free a political prisoner woman called Irom Chanu Sharmila. It is easy to find information on her over the internet. She is a political prisoner from the North East of India and has been on hunger strike for 13 years. She is wanting to repeal a low in India that basically allows the army to do whatever they wish on the population in certain Areas that are termed military Zones. The army are frequently associated with crimes against humanity and assaults on woman always come at the top of the list. But because of this specific law they are not held accountable.

    But in General being held accountable for crimes against woman is not a priority for the Judicial system.

    This is a strong determined woman standing up to the Patriarchal bully boy institution.
    India is often refereed to as Mother India but her daughters aren’t being respected in regards to the treatment of Sharmila and in day to day generality where woman are afraid to go to the bathroom in a field because they risk being raped.

    To stand up for all people who are treated badly. unfairly and abused is an important factor in a civilized society. And as we become a one World community it is also equally as important for our voice to carry accross the world. Particularly against violence. and this subject is horrible and gruesome.

    I have a friend, a nun, who spent time working in Mother Theressa’s in Kolcuta taking care of woman who had been abused and battered and just vulnerable.

    She mentioned to me a horrendous story of how she helped bring a woman, who had been severely battered and rapped, back from the brink of death who had been so severely mutilated after her ordeal where the animals had ripped out the inside of her sexual organs that the trauma left her with no want for life.

    In a busy hospital where there aren’t enough staff to give full attention to individuals this young girl was slowly letting go of her life. My friend took her on fully as her mission to bring this woman back to life with love compassion and determined effort.
    This is one of a Thousand cases but it’s been made aware to me. And has affected me.

    I see this Woman Sharmila a representation the Archetype of the strong Mother Kali, Terrifying Tara who is needing to be freed. In a way her freedom will free Indian Woman and bring change to a reckless society.

    This is my view!! In understanding how to change circumstances I can see how making this situation come to the public’s attention would build pressure onto the situation to rectify it but also how the collective consciousness can change and influence the reality. And that through the power of Song, Lyrics and Emotion something very powerful can be invoked. And that is where you as a band come in. I’m just putting it to you to wite a powerfull song about this subject and the need to free this woman and many others.

    I can see this happening by you creating something with the Sitarist Annoushkar Shankar and making real powerful change in the psyche of the masses.

    I hope that this finds you well and that you have managesd to get the gifts from Scott.
    If you haven’t Received them Yet then I think that it would be very interesting to Give the boy a phone..

    I head off to India tomorrow to go to the north of India to a teaching with HH Dalai Lama.

    I hope to one day bump into you for a cup of tea and we can amaze ourselves as to how marvelous the universe works on our behalf.

    Love and light.

    Oh she is on Trial Tomorrow charged with attempt Suicide. Please keep her in Your Thoughts


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